Notes to the renter

**note to the renter**

Hi there, I know that you’ve said that you’re unable to pay Me the rent this month.  I want you to know that, first of all, I am sympathetic.  I have a great deal of understanding but …. Really now, you know I could rent your private apartment and, because I like you I’m going to make you an offer.  Leave Me a note if you’d like to find out more.

**note to the renter**

Hi there and thanks for your quick response.  I’m thrilled that you’re willing to let Me work with you on this issue of non-payment of your rent this month.  Here’s what I want you to do.  Every morning for the next week I want you to come downstairs and knock on My door.  I want you to arrive naked and I want you to stand in My entryway and stroke for Me.  Now, you may stroke any way that you like.  I want to see EXACTLY how you stroke and I want you to stroke ONLY for Me.  Is that understood?  Leave Me another note to give Me your answer.

**note to the renter**

Good!  I’m glad you’ve decided to accept My offer. Now appear at My door first thing in the morning.

“Good morning!  Come inside.  Ummmm, yes.  Okay now.  I’m timing you.  Stroke for Me for 10 minutes.  Yes, right now.  What?  You didn’t think I was serious?  Oh, I’m very serious.  Stroke for Me, right here and right NOW!  Keep going.  I’m going to get a cup of coffee and then I’ll return.”  Click here to listen to what happens next.

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