Chastity and Prostate Play with Ms. Cassandra


Chastity and Prostate Play with Ms. Cassandra

I added a few more weeks to your imprisonment.

Is today the day?

Lie down on your back on My black rubber medical examination table, and put your feet in the stirrups. I’m tying them securely with rope.

You love My black dress and long gloves, don’t you boy? I know how to tease you and make My dick hard. I don’t want you sneaking a feel, so I’m securing your torso with bondage tape. Good, that looks hot…bondage is a dish best served hot, right, boy?

Now, I am taking My cock out of the lock.

I remove My long, satin gloves and replace them with  long, rubber gloves. Rubber makes the lube slide on nicely, doesn’t it,  boy? Yes, it’s Me stroking you this time.

I’m massaging your prostate now.

I’m inserting a lubbed up Aneros prostate massager in your ass now….slowly, paying close attention as I massage your prostate slowly and methodically. Now, as I stroke My cock in a firm and twisting manner, contract your ass and give Me a glob. Try harder!!! Do you want to earn your orgasm or not? You must glob at least once before I’ll even consider letting you cum. I want to see how much is built up in there after weeks of imprisonment.

Glob for Me.

Now, I’m going to stoke you to as many edges as I can within one hour, right down to the last second. I’m massaging those bloated balls, instructing you to contract and glob for Me.

We are up to 5 edges within this hour, as you cannot tolerate so much orgasm edging. It’s been a long time since you have been on your knees stroking for Me and blasting.

I’m down to the last second as I edged and edged and edged that cock to it’s breaking point…and now it’s the last second. Shall I let you blast after all this time, or shall I ice My cock and balls and lock you up in a chastity device again? Listen to my erotic audio teaser to hear how this chastity and prostate play scene ends.


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