Released from Chastity

Do you want to cum for me? I know I promised, but…

Released From Chastity

Hey, boy…

Okay, you did really well locked for 30 days. Now it’s time to be released from chastity and follow my guided masturbation training instructions.

Unlock Your Cocklock

I take the key on the chain from My porcelain white neck, unlock your cocklock and order you in the shower while I supervise, of course. Take the bar of soap and soap up My cock well. Stroke it with the soap to an edge, and don’t go over 50 counts. I know what I promised, but what I promise sometimes does not get delivered. Instead, I change the rules all the time, depending on My mood.

Stroke for Me

Today is your release date. I want to watch you stroke in the shower 13 times for Me. I told you we will take the cage off today…release you. Now stroke for time #10…good. Barberpole it, squeezing your fist like a cunt…hard!!!! Don’t cum!

Now polish the doornob, stroke with your thumb and index finger…

Jack It, Loser….

Jack it!!!! Good boy…good .

The final one. You’re on your knees in front of Me, out of the shower. I give you a handful of lube from My perfectly pedicured hand. Now, good boy…you have been locked for 30 days and we are down to the final 50th stroke….hold that head.

Do you wanna cum? Do ya? Shall I let boy cum? I promised, didn’t I???



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