Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial With Ms. CassandraStroke and Lock: Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial

Hey boy, finally? About time you heard from Me, you say? Ha! You’ll be sorry, you! I know how curious you’ve been about chastity training and orgasm denial, so it’s time to get started.

First, I want that cock lubed up with some very slick lube from your jerk off kit.

Now, warm up that cock that I’m gonna soon own, stroking to a fine edge and barber polling that shaft. Twist that fist up and down, and cup those balls. I want six of these edges, Me dicktating over you and nagging you along.

Edge for Me!!!

Look at that slick slippery cock I’m owning…sweet. Open your mouth and take your little blue pill. An hour down the road and still stroking, your little blue pill kicks in. Stop stroking, and grab your chastity tube, should you have one. (We will go shopping for a cb-2000 or 3000 if you need to buy your first chastity device.) Ice those balls–stroking with ice cubes will be good for you. A face slapping should make My cock wither a bit, wouldn’t you say?

Where Shall We Hide That Key?

Lock up for Me. We’re going to have to do something about that key. Can’t you just picture that pretty, shiny key dangling from a silver chain? Can you imagine that silver chain around my neck? I have a feeling you’ll be calling me soon to take your chastity training and orgasm denial to the next level.


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