Your Orgasm Denial Instructions from Ms. HannahHmmmm, frustrated yet?

Tease and delay is one of my favorite ways to play! So, boys – for today’s cocktease session you are going to need to get a banana. Don’t get all paranoid, I’m not going to make you stick it anywhere. So get a banana and try to get one that is a little bigger than your cock. Slowly start to peel it (not too far down) and take the inside out. You can use a spoon to dig it out if you like. Take some of the banana that you just took out and mush some of it on the inside of the peel. Put the peel to the side.

Now, for Your Orgasm Denial Instructions

Now I want you to get your cock nice and hard for me. Gently squeeze it, stroke it a bit, paying extra attention to the head. I want you to think of me, and once it’s rock hard I want you to slide that peel over your cock. Mmmm, feels good, now doesn’t it? Wrap your fist around the outside of the peel and start stroking your cock. I want you to stroke for a good 10 minutes. Then you may come back here to listen to your fate.


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