Tease and Denial Assignment from Ms. AvaOkay, mice!

I hope you enjoyed your little vacation (and I hope you kept your hands OFF, as you are, by default, instructed to do whenever you do not have stroking instructions), but the CATS are BACK and it is time to get down to business again. Your masturbation instructions for today are a tease and denial assignment, brought to you by Ms Ava of Cock Control.

The Pleasure of Denial

I know these past couple of weeks have certainly been trying. You probably had no idea what you were getting into when you joined our teasing and denial program, did you?

Today’s lesson plan will focus on the link between orgasm denial and pleasure. Yes, I know, some of you might be wondering, “How can there be pleasure in denial?” I’m here to teach you that one of the most exciting aspects of submitting yourself to a regimen of denial is that it can and should afford you the opportunity for boundless amounts of pleasure…even if you don’t get to cum as often as you would like.

Here’s What You Need

For today’s tease and denial assignment, you need 2 clothespins and access to a full length mirror. (Miz Ava admits she has a bit of a mirror fetish!)

Also, you should plan for this task to encompass a period of about 4 hours.

Get Naked in Front of the Mirror

To start, you will be naked in front of your mirror. Next, stand up straight and watch as you stroke yourself. Imagine I am watching you, as you play with yourself and your cock grows harder and begins to throb. Allow yourself right to the edge and stop. If any precum leaks out of your cock, you are to wipe it off with your fingers and lick them clean.

Now, go about your daily chores. For the next three hours, every half hour, stop what you are doing, take off all of your clothes, return to the mirror, and stroke yourself again to the edge of orgasm. Again, if anything leaks out of that cock of yours, you are to wipe it off and lick your fingers clean.

Once you have completed six edges, put a clothespin on each nipple and return to this page to hear your audio instructions for the remainder of your assignment.



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