Today's Orgasm Denial InstructionsOh, sweet stroker…it’s time for your next session and today’s orgasm denial instructions. Will you be merely teased and denied, or might today be your lucky day? Hmmmm….one never knows, does one?

You’ll Need a Full Length Mirror

Now, I am quite fond of mirrors, so for this exercise you are to kneel before a full length mirror. I want you to be able to watch yourself while you are toying with that prick of yours. You must be completely nude for this task.Begin stroking, little toy.

Egging You On

Imagine that I am there, behind you, egging you on and watching your every movement, your every facial expression through the mirror. There is something so very erotic about watching a boy jerk it off…and watching you as you watch yourself in the mirror…so very delightful indeed. Now I am leaning over you, whispering in your ear…”Stroke it faster for me….that’s right…do you love to pump that cock for me? Do you?”

Stop When You Are Close to Cumming…Listen for Today’s Orgasm Denial Instructions

You don’t have to answer. I already know. Continue watching your reflection while in that cock stroking frenzy of sexual desire. Get as close to the edge as you can, but do not cum. When you feel you are close to cumming, stop and return to this page and listen for your stroking assignment

Todays instructions were inflicted upon you by Ms Ava of
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