Delicious Denial Training Program

Ms Violet's Delicious DenialTraining available for:

Orgasm Denial
Increasing Endurance
Periods of Chastity
Intense Teasing

You will call me a cock tease. Go ahead. I love that label. Teasing cocks is something I have elevated to a true art form. It takes intelligence, finesse, and an innate love of denying men.

It will not take long for you to have an inkling of what you have gotten yourself into by calling  me. Yes, I adore men. Teasing you is a real pleasure for me. But let me share a little of what I  mean to do with you.

I will not hesitate to use all of my talents to tease you right to the edge. My sexy voice, erotic descriptions of the various tempting parts of my body, rubbing those body parts against yours, having you stroke in ways you probably have never tried before. You will be right up on the edge of nirvana before you know it.

Once I have you there, I will have you ride the edge for me. No breaks for you. You will keep stroking, touching, and I will keep teasing you. Sure, I will bring you a tad off the edge, but that is the illusion of mercy. Shortly you will experience me teasing you even more right to the very edge of the precipice. Again and again and again.

When you are desperate for your long awaited release, you will beg me for real mercy. Oh yes, you will beg. I will make sure you beg me convincingly too. But it will be to no avail. For nothing can get me to grant you that sweet, sweet release. Nothing.

What was that? You need this release? Now you have me smiling. Oh, really? Your balls are blue and they hurt? That is a sad story. I am laughing softly at this point. Hmmm…I sense some begging welling up inside you. I will just sit across from you, cross my long slender legs and wait for your mouth to open and see precisely what pleas you will try.

Oh sure, we can play a little game of imagine. Imagine that you have a prayer of release. Imagine that at the end of my teasing fun with you, you just might have the chance to release. Imagine all you want. I will gladly play along. But know this: your fate is 100% in my hands. Just thinking about that fact thrills me. It enhances the sense of power I already have as a lifestyle Dominant woman.

Come to me. Let’s play a game of tease. You cannot say that I do not play fair. You already know that in this game, the deck is stacked against you and I always hold the winning hand.

Coaching tuition options for one-on-one training:

30 minutes of telephone training weekly: $180
60 minutes of telephone training weekly: $225
90 minutes of telephone training weekly: $300

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