“Can I cum, Mistress?”

“Excuse me? Didn’t your English teacher teach you the proper way to ask?”

“MAY I cum, Mistress?”

A simple “May I Cum, Mistress?” will not do.

No, you may not cum. In fact, I do not even like the question to be asked, proper English or not.

What I do like is you using your verbal skills to convince me why I should allow you to orgasm during our session. I like hearing the struggle you have finding the right words to verbalize your need to shoot your load all while jerking your cock at the same time. The two “heads” definitely compete with each other trying to win the battle.

“Mistress, my balls are aching. I can feel them tight against my body, the deep sensation in my belly. I can all but feel the jizz backing up waiting to explode out the head of my dick.”

Now that is more like it! Isn’t that way better than a simple “Mistress, May I cum?” I sure think so.

So when we talk, you make sure you have your speech at the ready. Write it down with your non-jerking hand if you have to. Your writing hand is your stroking hand? Then switch something… your cock to your non-dominant hand, perhaps. Doesn’t that add an extra twist on your pleasure of waiting to beg for release? It sure will slow things down!

What if you don’t wait for my permission to orgasm? What if you don’t beg at all? What if you just hang up and release on your own? I WILL REMEMBER THIS! You think I won’t? HA! I keep notes on you unruly cocks.

Now, how are you going to ask to cum?

By telling me a story why you should be allowed to. And then, I will decide the answer based on how well you did.

See, in the end, it is still in my hands!


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