Hey there chastity pet, your chastity for Mistress is a gift that keeps on giving. Taking away your free reign over your manhood is filled with all kinds of good stuff. Chastity helps many feel submissive, and just trusting your Mistress to guide you through the tough times builds that bond.  Your submitting of your sexual life to your Mistress can be a turn on and bumps up a level to erotic humiliation. Still turned on? Then let’s play!

Chastity For Mistress

Chastity Mistress Erika

Chastity For Mistress – Short Term Chastity

To begin with, chastity play doesn’t have to be long-term, orgasm delay can have benefits in shorter duration.   More erotic is shorter term, a week, 10 or even 20 days. Perhaps even a day where you are unable to touch yourself, with me sexy texting you and teasing you, but you are not allowed to touch. It’s how one pet interpreted his accidental chastity. It also depends on your natural sexual rhythm. If you typically orgasm five times a week, a week with no play would be a challenge for you. Conversely, a one or two times a week might need to begin at two weeks chaste. Of course, if you want a no holds barred, balls to the wall, toss you in the deep end that can be accommodated! Lock it up, yesterday!

Cage Required for Orgasm Denial?

Not necessarily. I trust you’ll be honest. You do want to please me, right? If you have trouble following your instructions, then we’ll discuss the challenges. Perhaps a cage is to help you be successful. You know the rewards are great when you comply. Your orgasms and orgasm denial mean so much more don’t they?

Chastity Challenges

Everyone has their challenges, but chastity for you is a great way to honor you, Mistress. Showing her and yourself that truly your deference to her pleasure is true and just. After all, it will only add to your pleasure, at a later date.  You are fully capable of this show of devotion and deference. Let’s explore your submissive side through chastity play. Listen to the audio for a special chastity challenge message and an answer to that question “May I Cum”!

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