You’re probably feeling extra horny and daring right now. Are you having recurring visions of being flooded with cum; where everything around you is cum?… and you are cum! Does it feel like you’re swimming in a warm refreshing bath. Perhaps you need to cthe honor of cumming.

Such a desperate little thing you are. It’s been many weeks since you last had an orgasm and it takes very little to make your pathetic pecker excited enough to cum.  I also know you’re dying to hear my verbal instructions. So now is the time for Mistress guidance to be administered

Going Nuts And Singing The Blues

Your sack is very boggy and uncomfortable with that backed up cum, you poor thing. You know how much I care about the condition of my balls.
Why don’t you lift your cock up and begin gently massaging them. I can hear your drawn out moans of pleasure.

Is your cock throbbing? Can you see pre-cum oozing out of the slit? Is it glistening and covering the penis head? Are your animal spirits beginning to drive you insane? Needing an immediate release lest you explode? If so, you are right where I need you to be.

Bringing Forth Holiday Cheer

“Can you make me cum you ask? I need to cum…can you do that for me Mistress?…please!” Tell me, what’s causing your agonizing blue balls? I know you’re ready to stroke your dick and wantonly shoot your eggnog.

Is this too much for you? They’re beginning to tighten up, aren’t they? I bet you didn’t think you would be the luckiest submissive in the world?  I know, I know…you thought you’d be ejaculating by now. Well don’t worry. If you continue to perform as you are now you will be pleasing your Mistress and I just might allow you to cum.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this holiday performance of the Nutcracker Suite.

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