Hello my willing stroker! Today we’re going to play a little wanking game that I think will be ‘loads’ of fun! I was listening to the radio and that old country song came on ‘You Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em’; (now that may not be the title but you get the idea). The song made me think about some stroking games I’ve played in the past. As you probably guessed; I always win the stroking games!

This is going to be a game of chance. I’m going to deal cards and if my card is higher than your card then you have to stroke for me that many times. One stroke = an up and a down stroke. And you may NOT  cum without my express permission; even if you by some stroke of luck; win a hand!

First hand: You: 4 Me: 8
I win! Now give me EIGHT strokes up and down.
That was a good hand. Let’s see the next one.
Second hand: You: 7 Me: King
Did you know that a King is worth TEN strokes up and down? It’s true! Now, give them to me!
Third hand: You: 2 Me: 9
I want NINE strokes up and down. Don’t you dare cum!
Let’s play just one more hand to see if you can win one (tee hee).
Fourth hand: You: 7 Me: Ace
Oh, an Ace! I am so excited! That means you have to give me TWENTY-ONE strokes! Get started stroker boy! Twenty one is a lot of strokes and I know you’re going to give them to me good.

Oh you did such a good job stroker! You didn’t fold on me; you kept stroking through the whole game!

Now, what do you say you take one more chance and find out if you get to keep stroking and cum for me or if you have lost the entire game and have to stop stroking………

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