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Tantric Edging Program

Ride the Wave with Tantra

” A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.” ~David Deida

Tantra Cock Control Mistress LaylaDo you want to intensify your erotic masturbation experience and enhance your cock stroking skills? Then explore the power of Tantric cock control with Mistress Layla. Learn to ride a wave of erotic sensation and arousal with Mistress Layla’s special and unique edging techniques.

“Mistress Layla, I’m still very much glowing from my experience with you. I especially liked the moment when you held me in place with just the sound of your voice. The breath work and visualization you have taught me has taken my edging to new and intense depths. I can last longer and my orgasms are much more satisfying.”

“Mistress Layla’s special gift is the ability to tease out of the myriad strands of mental, emotional and physical complexities exactly those components that will help you find the intense pleasure and full body orgasms that Tantric Edging can bring.”

Ms. Layla’s Cock Control Techniques

What Makes Tantric Edging Unique?

We all hold the key to Tantric Edging: breath. Learn the Tantric secrets of breath control to manipulate your energy, keep your body relaxed and your mind clear as you edge. I will teach you how to spread orgasmic energy from your cock throughout your entire body. This all over tingling builds and intensifies to a much deeper sensation of full body orgasm.

Whether you ache to surrender control of your cock to sensuous Mistress and teacher or you just want to find out what Tantra is all about, Tantric Edging can be the experience you are looking for.

Private Tantric Cock Control Coaching with Mistress Layla

This week long program features private daily guidance, attention, and inspiration from your Tantric Mistress.

  • Feel connected and challenged through direct daily training and interaction
  • Receive personalized assignments
  • On-going private communication
  • Explore and learn Tantric practices tailored to your desires and needs

Edging Program Costs

30 minutes weekly: $180
60 minutes weekly: $225
90 minutes weekly: $300

How to get started

Email Mistress Layla for all the sexy details!

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