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Edge for Mistress Harper

It’s time for you to edge for Mistress.

No, I didn’t say you could cum yet, slut. I said edge for Mistress! That means I expect you to play with yourself until you are so close to orgasm that one little extra touch would be enough to send you over. And then, I want . . . → Read More: Edge for Mistress Harper

Stroke your cock for Princess Andi

Hello, slave to your cock. I know you want to cum today but no. You have to wait. I am so worth the ache! If you want to have an orgasm, this is what I expect you to do to earn an orgasm with Princess Andi.

I want you to go three days without . . . → Read More: Stroke your cock for Princess Andi

Chastity For Mistress Erika

Hey there chastity pet, your chastity for Mistress is a gift that keeps on giving. Taking away your free reign over your manhood is filled with all kinds of good stuff. Chastity helps many feel submissive, and just trusting your Mistress to guide you through the tough times builds that bond.  Your submitting of . . . → Read More: Chastity For Mistress Erika

For Once Ms. Piper May Allow Orgasm Denied Strokers to Cum

This doesn’t happen often, so you should listen up! Here’s your chance to earn an orgasm from Ms. Piper.

Just so you know, there is very little I enjoy more than telling a whining, crying, horny, frustrated stroker like you I will deny your orgasm. That sound when the air goes out of you . . . → Read More: For Once Ms. Piper May Allow Orgasm Denied Strokers to Cum

Masturbation May With Ms. Christine

A Stroking Assignment To Kick Off Masturbation May

You know you want to…

I want this to be the best Masturbation May ever, so today, I want you to follow the stroking instructions below.  I’m going to give you three different stroking techniques. And I want you to stroke for 20 minutes . . . → Read More: Masturbation May With Ms. Christine