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Edge for Mistress Harper

It’s time for you to edge for Mistress.

No, I didn’t say you could cum yet, slut. I said edge for Mistress! That means I expect you to play with yourself until you are so close to orgasm that one little extra touch would be enough to send you over. And then, I want . . . → Read More: Edge for Mistress Harper

An Orgasm from Mistress Piper is Sweet Sexual Release

Let ME take control!800-356-6169

I probably have gotten the reputation that I never allow my bitches release because of how much I LOVE to make a man beg and plead for his orgasm.

But you’d be mistaken in believing I’ll NEVER allow you to cum. Of course, I’ll allow you to cum. I . . . → Read More: An Orgasm from Mistress Piper is Sweet Sexual Release

Edgeplay with Goddess Alexis

I have always felt that a man is at his best when he is at his worst. What I mean by that is when a guy is down and out, under the control of a beautiful woman, and on his last legs regarding extreme edging, that is when I find him most appealing. So . . . → Read More: Edgeplay with Goddess Alexis

Edged Teased and Denied by Mistress Simone

Stroking and teasing go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Wanna Cum?

First of all, edging and teasing a man is awesome when he is tied up and restrained. I prefer handcuffs for this, because I don’t trust you to stay tied if I use rope. Plus, there is something amazingly hot about . . . → Read More: Edged Teased and Denied by Mistress Simone

Ms. Christine’s Stroking Instructions

May I Cum

When I take control of your cock and give you guided masturbation instructions, there are a number of strokes I might have you use. But here are three I want you to try. And I want you to edge at least five times with each stroke, then click on the audio below . . . → Read More: Ms. Christine’s Stroking Instructions