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Edge for Mistress Harper

It’s time for you to edge for Mistress.

No, I didn’t say you could cum yet, slut. I said edge for Mistress! That means I expect you to play with yourself until you are so close to orgasm that one little extra touch would be enough to send you over. And then, I want . . . → Read More: Edge for Mistress Harper

Creative Begging


If you want to orgasm with me, you have to be a whole lot more creative than, “Mistress, I’m begging you to cum!”

I want to hear what you are doing with your hand, your thumb, your palm. I want you to tell me if you play with your balls and how. . . . → Read More: Creative Begging

Ms. Piper Will Let You Cum Under ONE Condition!

Can You Handle The Heat? 800-356-6169

I LOVE orgasm denial! I laugh when a man desperately begs me to release that pressure threatening to split his balls wide open.

I begrudgingly allow a man to cum only when he makes a good case for it (such as, he hasn’t cum in 15 months) . . . → Read More: Ms. Piper Will Let You Cum Under ONE Condition!