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An Orgasm from Mistress Piper is Sweet Sexual Release

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I probably have gotten the reputation that I never allow my bitches release because of how much I LOVE to make a man beg and plead for his orgasm.

But you’d be mistaken in believing I’ll NEVER allow you to cum. Of course, I’ll allow you to cum. I . . . → Read More: An Orgasm from Mistress Piper is Sweet Sexual Release

Orgasm Denial Techniques

Today, guys, we are going to discuss Orgasm Denial Methods. Aside from a sure-fire method: no to playing with My cock at all, which, let’s face it…… is not going to be happening. What fun is any of this for me, then? Make no mistake; there will be masturbation. Just not to orgasm. Realistically, . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial Techniques

Earn Orgasm With Mistress Erika

Isn’t it fantastic to earn orgasm? But wait, what? May I Cum “orgasm denial”  is the name of the game on this blog, Erika! I know, I get it- orgasm denial is why you are here! But realistically you are not permanently denied, right? Unless that is something on the table. Is it? Is . . . → Read More: Earn Orgasm With Mistress Erika

Chastity For Mistress Erika

Hey there chastity pet, your chastity for Mistress is a gift that keeps on giving. Taking away your free reign over your manhood is filled with all kinds of good stuff. Chastity helps many feel submissive, and just trusting your Mistress to guide you through the tough times builds that bond.  Your submitting of . . . → Read More: Chastity For Mistress Erika

Long term chastity for Mistress Harper

Have you ever experienced long-term orgasm denial?

I bet you’d blossom under it. I mean, long-term chastity is one of the most amazing methods for getting a good solid grip on your desires and animal instincts. Spend long enough in chastity and all those pesky needs and wants just dry up and blow away. . . . → Read More: Long term chastity for Mistress Harper