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Earn Orgasm With Mistress Erika

Isn’t it fantastic to earn orgasm? But wait, what? May I Cum “orgasm denial”  is the name of the game on this blog, Erika! I know, I get it- orgasm denial is why you are here! But realistically you are not permanently denied, right? Unless that is something on the table. Is it? Is . . . → Read More: Earn Orgasm With Mistress Erika

Chastity For Mistress Erika

Hey there chastity pet, your chastity for Mistress is a gift that keeps on giving. Taking away your free reign over your manhood is filled with all kinds of good stuff. Chastity helps many feel submissive, and just trusting your Mistress to guide you through the tough times builds that bond.  Your submitting of . . . → Read More: Chastity For Mistress Erika

Long term chastity for Mistress Harper

Have you ever experienced long-term orgasm denial?

I bet you’d blossom under it. I mean, long-term chastity is one of the most amazing methods for getting a good solid grip on your desires and animal instincts. Spend long enough in chastity and all those pesky needs and wants just dry up and blow away. . . . → Read More: Long term chastity for Mistress Harper

Join the Chastity Summer today, and stop wanking off

Let’s make this the Chastity Summer!

That’s right: the answer to your perennial question “May I cum?” is going to be a resounding nope for the rest of the summer. I want you to embrace the power that your personal chastity summer can bring to you. You’ll be able to look back on this . . . → Read More: Join the Chastity Summer today, and stop wanking off

Begging: Yay or Nay

“Mistress, please please please may I cum?”

“Oh, Mistress! May I, please worship your feet?”

“Your panties are dirty, Mistress? May I please wash them for you? Please? PLEASE?”

My Response

So many boys & girls are used to begging Mistresses for what they want to do. Are you one of these? You . . . → Read More: Begging: Yay or Nay