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Ms. Christine’s Edging Assignment

May I Cum

We Love Orgasm Edging

Are you sure that cumming is better than the excitement of edging?

I don’t think I know a single Mistress, cock tease or otherwise, that doesn’t enjoy edging her pets. Well, maybe not those “lock him in chastity and throw away the key” Mistresses. But the rest . . . → Read More: Ms. Christine’s Edging Assignment

Edged Teased and Denied by Mistress Simone

Stroking and teasing go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Wanna Cum?

First of all, edging and teasing a man is awesome when he is tied up and restrained. I prefer handcuffs for this, because I don’t trust you to stay tied if I use rope. Plus, there is something amazingly hot about . . . → Read More: Edged Teased and Denied by Mistress Simone

Edging Game with Ms. Christine

May I Cum

Stroking Fast Leads to Edging

Is edging more pleasurable than cumming?

Today’s guided masturbation assignment is all about edging. Getting to the edge fast, getting as many edges as possible…and then denying yourself. You might get a chance to cum, but it’s all going to depend on how well you perform. . . . → Read More: Edging Game with Ms. Christine

Green Light Red Light

Not Quite the Game You Remember

This fun masturbation game does involve two of the colors on a traffic light. But, the whole game revolves around teasing you through an extended session of stroking. In this case, you may get release, and you may not.

It is Never a Guarantee

Two of my favorite . . . → Read More: Green Light Red Light

Edge and Stroke Your Lil’ Leprechaun for Ms. KayMarie

Feeling lucky, stroker?

Hi there! Happy St Patrick’s Day! It’s a fun and festive day. It’s that day when everyone wants a little “Luck of the Irish”. Now, get your green on and ask yourself, “Am I feeling lucky?”

So, you want to cum?

You think if you ask nicely, tell me it’s been . . . → Read More: Edge and Stroke Your Lil’ Leprechaun for Ms. KayMarie