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Cum Eating: You will Learn to Love It

Do all men enjoy cum eating?

There’s a scene in a recent animated movie where one of the characters says that all men do it. Of course, he was talking about eating boogers, but let’s be real here. We all know that every male on the planet has eaten his cum at one point or another. You get bored, you get curious, you have a little taste. The odds are pretty good you even liked it, but stopped because you thought other people would think it was gross. Isn’t that odd? To stop doing something you enjoy just because some one else might think it’s weird.

If all men eat their cum, why don’t you do it now?

cum eating 800 356 6169I know why you think you don’t want to eat your cum. You think you decided all on your own not to enjoy cum eating, or that it’s something you really don’t like. But, do you actually dislike it, or do you think you’re not supposed to enjoy it? Because, give it another try, and I bet you’ll learn to like it. Especially if eating your cum now guarantees you the right to have another orgasm later.

I love conditional tease and delay games, and cum eating is a perfect example.

Here’s the condition: eat your cum now, and tomorrow I’ll let you have another orgasm. Or, don’t eat your mess for me, and I’ll refuse to let you cum for a week. We’ll just keep stretching out the time until you finally agree to eat your load. Do you want to cum? You have to eat your cum. You’ll learn to love cum eating soon enough. All men do, eventually.


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