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Pass the penis tease and delay game!

Let’s play the Pass the penis tease and delay game!

Edging Pass the Penis!

It’s a fun game where you get to edge your cock and win.  It’s really simple.   You first ask the dispatcher how many Mistresses are available to play the game.  Then you have them lined up.   You are not allowed to cum ’til you get to the last Mistress in the game.

We pass you around, edging your cock, from Mistress to Mistress.

Some Mistresses might tell you a role play and seduce you.  Some might put you on a leash and parade you around, while other Mistresses might edge your cock by giving you a certain number of strokes.   It’s an edging game of endurance where you win in the end!

Personally, I like to find out what the last Mistress did to you.

Then, I can pick up where she left off.  It’s so much fun to tease and torture your cock.    I love hearing you whine and complain about how difficult edging is for your cock.   It can be so frustrating to have your cock edged and teased by so many beautiful, talented women.

But, just think of the possibilities for teasing your aching cock.

Not to mention, trying out all of the flavors available at the time is a great way to get to know Mistresses you’ve never experienced.   So, next time you are thinking about a call, consider being passed around like a cheap whore.  We all enjoy sharing your cock and using you to the fullest extent possible.

I hope I will be edging and passing your cock around SOON!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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