“Mistress, please please please may I cum?”

“Oh, Mistress! May I, please worship your feet?”

“Your panties are dirty, Mistress? May I please wash them for you? Please? PLEASE?”
Begging words

My Response

So many boys & girls are used to begging Mistresses for what they want to do. Are you one of these? You want to serve your Mistress in one way or another, or (worse) you want something for yourself.

Your experiences over the months and years have taught you if you beg enough, whine enough, you will be granted (most of the time) your desire.

Not Me

I am a different kind of Mistress.

Begging, to me, is so… so base. So easy! It requires so little of your energy. Whimpering your desires, your wants… what about your Mistress’ wants and needs?

What about ME?!

I want entertainment from my boys and girls. I want you to show me, prove to me, your hunger to make me clap with delight at your antics.

Tell me a story. Use your words. Explain your position. Explain to me, with an adequate vocabulary, why you should be able to do what you want to do. (English skills are not graded!) Tell me how you adore me, why you want to serve me, how you will do it differently than all the others. Anyone can beg; only you have your needs and desires.

Creativity Counts

How would you talk to me, tell me what you want, without actually telling me what to do with you? How might you creatively scoot around the topic, hinting, but letting the result be (or at least seem like) my idea? A Mistress never wants to be told what to do or how to do it (me, either!); don’t fall into that habit.

Show me your individuality. Let me see what makes you you. I want to know you better anyway.
Who are you when you are not begging?
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