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Cum Masturbate for Us

Jerk Off in May

You like to play with your dick all the time, we all know this and, well, we want you to jerk off in May for us because after all, it is Masturbation May. A time to celebrate masturbation and have some hot hand humping fun! In honor of this month dedicated to strokers like you, we are having some special things happening around here.

Masturbation May means you playing for us gives you a chance to win!

We have an erotic writing contest where you can submit your story about Masturbating for your Mistress, and the ladies will vote and pick the story they liked the best, of course, there are cool prizes for the winner

We are also running a contest for the title of Masturbator of the Month and sluttiest stroker. These are two different categories, and prizes will be awarded for the one who calls for the most total minutes and for the one who calls the most different Mistresses during May.

So get ready, penis pullers, we are gonna work those dicks out during Masturbation May.

For full details about the ways, you can help celebrate Masturbation May with us click here.


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