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Ms. Christine’s Edging Assignment

We Love Orgasm Edging

Edging with Ms. Christine

Are you sure that cumming is better than the excitement of edging?

I don’t think I know a single Mistress, cock tease or otherwise, that doesn’t enjoy edging her pets. Well, maybe not those “lock him in chastity and throw away the key” Mistresses. But the rest of us truly enjoy teasing and denying them for hours on end, making them beg for release with every, single edge. Then, whispering our favorite word…”No.” Hearing the frustration in your voice as we delay and even deny your orgasm, and knowing that only we can permit you for that pleasure is so alluring.

Edging for Your Mistress

So this assignment is all about edging. It’s very simple. Every day, for the next week, you’re going to stroke and edge for me for one full hour. I know, usually, during our guided masturbation games it’s 20 minutes or 5 edges, whichever takes longer, but come on, stroking slut, this game is all about the edging! Of course, it’s going to be longer and …well, harder!

Did You Want to Cum

Oh, stroke pet, you’re begging so nicely! And you’re asking the right question. “May I cum Mistress?” instead of, “I’m cumming now Mistress,” or “I want to cum!” You are such a polite little stroking addict! Now, keep stroking and edging an hour a day, then, when the week is over, you can click on the audio below and learn your fate. I’m sure you’ll be begging even more sweetly soon. Those balls will be aching and blue, and full of a huge load of nice, warm, creamy cum! I don’t know, though. Are you sure you want to cum? Doesn’t it feel so wonderful? Are you sure you’re ready to stop?

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2 comments to Ms. Christine’s Edging Assignment

  • aryan

    But mistress that’s not fair, I don’t want to eat my cum and I don’t think I can edge for 5 hours to get a full orgasm without eating it after all the edging of last week I don’t think I can even edge for 3 hours without cumming

  • Scott

    This was pure evil, I loved every minute of it, right up until about 2 hours and 4 minutes into the final assignment. I was aiming for 3 hours, knowing I’d never make 5. But hey, a challenge is a challenge, and a deal is a deal. I struggled through the consequence, and I’m still horny from ruining it…. Can’t wait for another assignment like this.

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