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Masturbation Endurance with Ms. Christine

How Long Can You Last A Masturbation Session

Is your masturbation endurance up to this test?

How much can you handle?

This assignment is really a masturbation endurance test.  It seems that lately, my stroker pets are not lasting very long at all once they start jerking off.  Oh, don’t misunderstand, they aren’t getting to cum any sooner than normal!  I still tease, delay and deny their orgasms.  It’s just getting a bit irritating that they’re starting to beg for release 2 or 3 edges in, and those edges are happening inside of 2 or 3 minutes I do like to hear you beg, but I expect it to be when you’re really desperate, and you sluts are nowhere near desperate!

Get Ready For Your Endurance Test

Get naked for me and get comfortable.  Grab some lube and cover that cock. Really lather it up!  I want you to get that cock hard. As if it isn’t already, right? Then do a very slow, very soft, warm-up.  I don’t want you edging at all, so softly stroke that dick, one stroke every five seconds for a whole five minutes.  Then, you’ll be ready to see how long you can last.

Masturbation –  How Long Can You Take It

Take your stroking hand and wrap it tightly around the shaft and start stroking at whatever speed you want, your average speed.  Only stroke the shaft. Don’t let that hand go over the head. I have other plans for that.  You’re going to take you other hand, put another puddle of lube in it, and rub it over the head.  If you edge, and you will, stop for ten seconds, then start again.

Keep doing this until you can’t stand it anymore, then click on the audio below and find out if you may cum for Me!

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3 comments to Masturbation Endurance with Ms. Christine

  • It’s good for a laugh when stroker boys think rubbing their dicks for 2 or 3 minutes qualifies as desperate. If you’re not foaming at the mouth, eyes rolling into the back of your head, and panting with agony, you have no idea what it means to be desperate! To me, desperate is edging for a an hour or more without cumming, or being denied completely. I’d like to see how long these masturbators last with you teasing them Ms. Christine! Make them suffer! Hahahahahaha 😛

  • Dave

    Most young men really don’t know about desperation. There are so very many ways and opportunities at hand (pun intended). They need to be chaste for some time to even have a taste of desperation. This chastity needs to go well beyond the time of a phone call. Depending on the age and experience it should go beyond days into many weeks or months.
    While many have turned to chastity devices. It takes more. It takes a true dedication to and/or adoration of a lady,her life and desires. Invest in the relationship before investment in a device.

  • Paul

    Hi ms Christine just to tell you a stroked for 9 hours straight no cumming of course and haven’t cum in 3 months edge everyday for hours I am never aloud to ever cum again am mistress Voilets slave but am aloud to stoke to your beauty can stop thinking about worshipping your am mistress Voilets asses just end up stroking for hours and hours my balls are so blue slave Paul

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