Ms Rachel's Cum eating challengeCoerced Pre – Cum Eating for a Chastity Toy

You never should have revealed to Me, just after we met, that you’d always been curious about cum eating.  That you dripped a lot of pre-cum and had tasted it before. As soon as you said it, and saw the devious look on my face, I could see by the look on yours that you wished you could reel the words back in.  “It’s mostly having my orgasms controlled,” you hastened to say. “The rest is just a fantasy.”

I let you think I’d forgotten all about your hasty admittance.  We started with edging, making the periods of time longer and longer between orgasms until finally, I told you that if you really wanted to take your stamina to the next level, we’d try chastity.  You were so besotted by that time with the expert hand jobs I gave you, and the promise of more once I felt you had the stamina to satisfy me, brief make out sessions with my tongue deep in your mouth and my breasts pressed against you to make you believe it.  I should probably have some remorse for manipulating you that way, but I simply didn’t, and I don’t.  You should have known.

Securely Locked Away and Time to Obey

Once I got you all securely locked away during a make out session, where I even let you slip your hand down my panties, you asked me how long I would keep you this way.  It wasn’t your fingers on my clit that were making me so wet.  It was the look on your face when I said, “when you fill up half a shot glass with precum, and drink it.”  I almost asked you to finger bang me to orgasm, it made me so horny.

Of course, you tried to talk me out of it.  You even got a little angry after the first week or so of being cock locked, making demands.  “Oh sweetie,” I soothed you with sweet sarcasm.  “All you have to do is what you’re told, and I’ll let that cock free again.”

Soon, you realized that I could not be moved, and that you would obey.  

“Don’t worry,” I told you.  “I’ll help you.”

Cum Eating: Step I

Once again, I had to suppress the need to bring myself to orgasm as you whimpered with your forehead pressed to the floor and your ass in the air.  I lubed up the remote controlled ass plug and though it took a while to get into your virgin starfish, I at last pried it open and squeezed the bullet in.  Then I set you up with your legs spread wide, one draped over a chair on either side.  A short stool supported your ass with you moved to the very edge so that your cage could hang over it, pointing down into a funnel whose narrow end was resting in a shot glass.  Then I sat across from you, my skirt hiked up and bare pink pussy exposed, so that I could rub myself as inspiration dictated, the controller in my hand.

I started the intensity low, and turned it up slowly until the first confused and aroused “Oh.” escaped your lips.  Then I let it run until I could see the muscles in your legs and abs start to flex.  That’s when I turned it up.  All the way up. That’s when the word “Oh” grew higher and higher in pitch and stretched out into several syllables.  That’s when you started humping the air a bit, as well as you could with your legs spread so wide.

“Don’t displace the funnel,”  I said softly, mesmerized.  “If you spill what’s there, you’ll have to start over.”

Cum Eating: Step II

I could see the bottom of the shot glass slowly begin collecting its due, first half an inch, then an inch, and by that time your eyeballs were rolling in the sockets, your pelvis making little thrusting motions, the moaning constant and disoriented.  I had to touch myself.  

Every time you sounded and looked like you might have an assgasm, I would turn the plug down or off, depending on how frantic you seemed to be getting, so that you could never actually cum.  All you could do wasdrip, drip, drip for me.  But finally, the level of pre-cum in the glass reached half way.  I stood up from my seat and replaced the shot glass with a plate, and turned the bullet off.  By this time, not having the humiliating anal masturbation made you more frantic than being coerced into allowing it to be done to you.

You Want to Cum, Don’t You

 You want that cage off, and to stroke that cock and drain those balls, don’t you?”  Will the cage be unlocked?  Will he be allowed to cum?  Listen and find out.

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