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You have to impress Ms Cooper first

Can you cum?  I don’t know yet, I’m still thinking about it, and it all depends on how well you behave, and how much you beg and grovel for me!  Do you really think that you will be given permission to release every time you call a Mistress?  Well think again, the answer is . . . → Read More: You have to impress Ms Cooper first

Mistress Meredith says… YES

Oh, my poor denied pets! When was the last time you heard the word “yes”? When was the last time you were allowed to scream with toe bending pleasure? you don’t remember? Awe. Poor thing! I feel for you. I really do! I mean, I can’t imagine not having a screaming orgasm at least . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith says… YES

Get ready to serve Ms Callie

You’re a horny strokerbitch, and the hornier you get, the more submissive you get.  You’re so weak and helpless at this point, that I’ve taken ALL the control over your cock into my hands.  My cockteasing, merciless Goddess hands.  Do you know exactly what that means, stroker?  It means you stroke when I want, . . . → Read More: Get ready to serve Ms Callie

Surrender to Ms Morgan

How often do you cum? What purpose does it serve? How do you feel when it’s over? What if I told you I could offer you that prolonged euphoria that accompanies orgasms for much longer than you are used to? Would you be compliant enough to explore the possibility that I know what is . . . → Read More: Surrender to Ms Morgan

Ms Violet Sends You Off Denied

Nothing excites me more than having you hard, pent up, and desperate for a release.  To see you looking so horny and pitiful is a turn on.  Sure…I give you permission to stroke.  Using my teasing, seductive voice, I bring you to the edge again and again.

I know it is only a matter . . . → Read More: Ms Violet Sends You Off Denied