teasing and denial phone sexOh, denial slut. I sound very sweet, don’t I? When I answered the phone, your hopes soared. I am a very loving person–but I do have my naughty side.

How could a woman with such a soft and comforting voice possibly deny you?

That’s my ruse. I lure you in with my kindness, and then, when you’re in my clutches, I snap the trap. Your cock is swollen, your balls are crying out, and you feel that familiar desperation rack your body.

You’re willing to do anything for release.

Anything? I ask. And you assure me that you will, indeed, do anything I ask if only your balls be allowed to pump that explosion up and out of your shaft.

Hmmm….I consider your pleas. Should I? Shouldn’t I?

I’m sorry pet, I don’t think you’ve begged nearly enough.

I’m thinking some nice slow stimulation on the side and top of the head might help you beg for me. We’ll keep it extra slow (and avoid that sweet spot on the underside) so you won’t be overly troubled with that pesky orgasm.

Now let’s stroke the shaft….just the base to the midpoint should be more than sufficient.

And when you think you can’t stand it anymore…an ice pack should help, don’t you think?

If you weren’t begging before, some time with your cock on ice should get you in the mood to properly plead your mistress for relief.

Once you’re almost soft, we can start it over again! The key to true madness is getting semi-soft between stroke sessions. We don’t want to make it too easy on you, do we?

Oh, and don’t forget the teasing! We must tease you mercilessly. Yum yum!

What do you think–10 or 12 reps of stroke-ice-stroke? Then you’ll be ready for bed, don’t you think? Night night now, and awakening to achy balls in the morning!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the hornier, hungrier, you keep your denial slut, the harder he’ll try to please you.

And you know that you live to please your cock control mistress, don’t you? I’m only doing this for you, you see. LOL!

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