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The best part about a nice, long teasing and edging session is when your favorite mature Femdom (yours truly) gives you permission to have a nice, long orgasm at the end of it. The fact that it doesn’t always happen only makes it that much sweeter when it does, right?

To tell you the truth, a lot of factors go into my decision as to whether I’m letting you cum or not on any one particular jerk-off session. But one of the most important ones is your own preparedness and obedience. Coming to play time with Miss Viv with all the necessary implements and the right attitude goes a long way toward stacking the deck in your favor, dear ones.

And what do you need for your next masturbation phone sex session with me? Well, bring all your toys with you and be sure to tell me what you’ve got. Oh, and you’ll need a plate. Definitely don’t forget the plate.

Today, we’ll find out for sure just how badly you want to blow your load….

There will be the usual tease and delay business, with all the masturbation instructions you can shake a stick (or dick) at. My goal is going to be to get your balls to turn as blue as blazes. So that means we’re going to be here awhile.

So start Stroking! Get it all nice and hard for me. Keep stroking that meat till there’s pre-cum starting to drip. Run that thumb over the head and slide it back and forth over the slit. If I know my stroker boys – and I think I do – I’d bet that even though you just got started, the urge to cum is so very hard to resist.

However, I also know you want to please me, and you wouldn’t dare blow it without permission. Oh no, that would just vex Mistress. Go on keep strokin’ and pick up the plate. Take your poor throbbing cock and milk it onto the plate and get a nice big puddle right into the center. Now run the swollen head around and around – so the pre-cum gets painted over the entire surface.

Keep going my juicy slut – get it up to the edge and ….

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