Did you like the little dice game?  I did, and I got a bunch of emails and heard from a number of my callers about how much they liked it. You want to know who the top dice stroker was? He had to go through the dice game 10 times before he was able to cum! He stroked and edged for over 5 hours before he finally rolled the 7. I told him he should hit the craps tables in Vegas. With luck like that, he’ll be rich – and with blue achy balls! Anyway, I’ve decided that from now on that’s how we’re going to decide if you get to cum or not after my assignment–you’ll need to roll a 7. So get your dice, it’s time to play.

Prostate Massage Edging

I think that one of the experts here at LDW on anal play is Miss Delia and she has an excellent post on prostate massage. Besides your dice, you’re going to need either something like an Aneros massager – although a butt plug, dildo,or even your finger will work – and a cup or a saucer. Get some good, water based lubricant and make yourself all slick. Now, slide that massager up into your ass. It feels so good sliding in, doesn’t it? You’ll know when you’ve reached that special spot. When your toy is in there, you need to start clenching and relaxing your Kegel muscles (If you don’t know what those are, go to the bathroom, and stop yourself. The muscle you use to stop the flow – that’s your Kegel), and that will massage your prostate. If you’re using your finger, you’ll feel something that feels like a walnut and you want to massage that. With a free hand, you can also massage your perineum –that’s the spot between your ball sac and your ass pussy–otherwise known as the “taint” – because it ‘taint your ass and it ‘taint your balls!

Milking For Me

Now, you’re going to do that for 20 minutes. After a while, you might notice fluid coming out of your cock that’s not quite cum and not quite pre-cum. Make sure it all ends up in that cup or saucer! You’re also going to be experiencing some very pleasurable sensations. After 20 minutes you can roll those bones–to see if you get to stroke that boner! If you roll a 7 you are to stroke and edge for 20 minutes before you shoot that white creamy cum into that cup. If not? Well, more milking for you. If you have to, take the toy or your finger out and apply more lube–there’s no such thing as too much lube! The longer it takes you to get a 7, the emptier your balls are going to be and the harder it’s going to be to cum, so I hope you don’t have to go 5 hours…or do I?

Oh, and make sure you eat up all that cum when you’re done!

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