Explore Tantra With Ms. Layla

I’m going to answer the question right off the bat. May you cum? No.

Tonight isn’t about a release. Tonight’s about the stroking. As a Tantric Mistress, I want you to focus on the experience and the feelings, not the end result. So, no drama, no suspense. At the end of my assignment, you will feel wonderful if you dare to take the challenge.

Tease, Denial and Edging – Oh My!

You love my little tease and denial games don’t you. You enjoy the building pressure, riding the edge and then pulling back. But which of those sensations do you like the best? I know it’s the edging, so wouldn’t you just love to be able to edge for hours without having to pull back and start all over again?

Stroke For Me

I want you to make yourself comfortable. However you best like to masturbate, lying down or sitting in  a chair. Start slowly stroking, and as you do, focus on what you are physically feeling. How does your cock feel in your hand? Is the skin soft, is there a bend near the tip, where are the sensitive parts? Try speeding up, or slowing down, or adjusting your grip. If you’re using your whole hand, try it with only your thumb and index finger. Stroke only the shaft and stay away from the head. What responses are you getting? As you get to the edge, you’ll be able to know what you need to do to keep you there while you continue stroking. If you haven’t edged before be sure to breathe and relax your body to prevent your release.

Your Tantric Orgasm Reward

You may have an orgasm! I said you wouldn’t cum, but I want you to experience the intensity of an all over internal imploding orgasm that will make you even more relaxed. The kind of orgasm that leaves you feeling energized and aware of your body. The kind you’ll grow to crave and desire.

Try this a few times and afterward comment on the post! Tell me how long you stroked for, describe your feelings, and let me know if you got that internal orgasm. Remember though, I gave you your answer. No, you may not cum!


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