Stop and Go Masturbation

Ever been caught in traffic and wanted a way to pass the time? Next time… I want you  to practice a little stop and go masturbation. This game combines your love for jerking your cock with a little public humiliation… well, if you’re not careful anyway! The way we’ll play this masturbation game is simple. Go along your normal route and at the first sign of traffic congestion, open your pants. When your car comes to a complete stop, start stroking. When you move even a foot, stop and put both hands on the wheel and be a responsible driver. If you’re stopped for more than three minutes, take a pause. The goal is to spend that time you’d normally be getting road rage and turn it into a raging boner! Be sure not to cum though… eating your cum is a penalty if you do!

Red Light, Green Light Masturbation

This one is much more frustrating than stop and go in a traffic jam. Those tend to back up and give you ample opportunity for vehicular masturbation. Traffic lights are a bit more unpredictable! When you’re driving and you hit a red light, take out your cock and stroke it ONLY as long as the light is red. When the light turns green, stop banging your bone immediately. Think about it, this masturbation will leave you teased and aching and have you looking at those annoying traffic lights in a whole new way! Will you get to cum at the end of this game… even knowing the penalty for losing the first, coerced cumeating for your failure and lack of control!

If you’d like a little help with your mobile masturbation… and you do… or you’d lose every single masturbation game, load up this erotic audio and play it when you’re driving. Not only will you get to your destination more quickly, you’ll be driven crazy with some tease and denial!

~ Ms Lauren ~

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