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Want to gamble on your orgasm?

May I cum? What a delicious question! I just love to hear a man ask me this. And, my answer to this question is something you will have to wait for… because you just NEVER know what kind of mood I am going to be in. I am a bratty Princess that loves to . . . → Read More: Want to gamble on your orgasm?

Want to Play Ruin?

Pull it out for me, stroker boy. I know you love those words, and I can tell that your cock was as hard as a board before I even said them-you’re insatiable that way. I want to sit back and let you do all the work tonight, I want to watch as your hands . . . → Read More: Want to Play Ruin?

Want to stroke for me today?

You are a cock stroking addict. You have a sickness and baby, I have the cure. Want to stroke for me today you kinky pervert?

Since you’re so twisted; I want you to do the twist for me. Anytime you touch that cock; you have to twist your fist as you stroke. Think of . . . → Read More: Want to stroke for me today?

Ivy’s Advanced Masturbators Technique

If anyone knows anything about me…you never quite know what I’m going to ask you to do next. I like to keep you on the edge (quite literally) and let you dangle as I decide your ultimate fate.

This is the season for giving am I right? So I guess the question is…have you . . . → Read More: Ivy’s Advanced Masturbators Technique

An erotic stroke session with your Princess Cassidy.

Dice are fun for stroking, especially when you have 2 or more of them, the odds of getting to stroke for a while are doubled and of course we double every “outcum” anyway.

Welcome back to May I Cum? stroker bois. You know it’s time to get that cock hard and ready and I’m . . . → Read More: An erotic stroke session with your Princess Cassidy.