It’s a small gathering of friends and family. Very respectable, nothing risqué at all, except that at 19 and the youngest one there I am not that interested. I am thinking about the party I will be going to later and I am just biding my time and being polite. Then I notice my prey across the table, I am not sure who he is, I haven’t seen him before. A cousin’s new boyfriend perhaps? Who knows? What I do know is that he can’t keep his eyes off me. Maybe it’s my smile, the mischievous glint in my eye; or perhaps the way that sleeveless floral summer dress clings to my pert young breasts, just a hint of my nipples behind that thin fabric.

I decide that he will be my entertainment for the evening. When I know he is watching I allow my hand to briefly cup my breast, he tries to stifle his reaction. Mmmm… Very good. I think this shall be great fun. During desert I let a small drop of chocolate pudding drip onto the swell of my breast. As my plaything watches I bring my finger to the drop, wipe it off and then wrap my lips around the tip, slowly sucking it clean. I can tell he is practically all the way hooked now. All I have to do is reel him in. I decide to up the stakes a little. I slip one of my feet out of my sandal and I start to stroke his leg. From his calf, up to his inner thigh, all the way to that hard bulge I already know is there. I let my bare foot rest on his hard cock for a moment, then I start to stroke, very small gentle strokes up and down, up and down with the sole of my foot.

He swallows hard and his eyes bulge, just a little, as he tries to keep from making too much of an obvious reaction. I remove my foot and he regains some of his composure. At that point he mumbles an excuse about needing to go to the bathroom probably so he can cool of… or jerk off. I announce loudly that since dinner is over and I am going upstairs anyway to get ready for my party I would be more than happy to show him to the bathroom. I can tell from his startled expression that he is not entirely sure how to feel about this. I smile and tell him to follow me.
As we walk up the stairs I make sure I am right in front of him and a few feet ahead so he can get full effect of my firm round ass in that short dress and the smooth caramel skin of my legs. When we get to the bathroom door I gesture for him to go in and he is only a little surprised when I follow him inside and close the door behind me. He stands there for a moment, staring at me, stunned and then he starts somewhat awkwardly to walk towards me. I shake my head. He stops, even more confused now.
“You don’t get to touch me and you don’t talk. You just listen and watch and do as I tell you. Understood? Nod your head if you do.” He nods his head.

“You like watching me don’t you? You find me attractive, I can tell. Well, I guess it was quite obvious from that bulge I felt under the dinner table.” He blushes furiously and crosses his hands in front of his crotch. I walk over to the bath tub and prop one of my feet up on the edge and lean back against the wall as I trail my fingers up my inner thigh. My dress is short enough that I know he can see a glimpse of my white cotton panties.

“You want me don’t you?” He swallows hard and nods.

“Then get down on your knees and show me” He looks puzzled for a moment and then I point at the floor. He kneels and looks up at me, still very confused. His gaze flicking back and forth from my face to those smooth white panties between my legs that are now more visible from his position on his knees.

“Take out your cock.” He hesitates for just a fraction of a moment and then does as he is told. His cock is already rock hard.
“My, my, my. I guess my little performance at dinner had quite the impact on you. Well, now you are going to perform for me. Stroke that cock for me… No slowly!… Very good. Just like that stroker boy. You stroke that cock exactly how I tell you and if you’re lucky I may even let you cum before you have to run down stairs and join the others.”

A Minirotica tease by Isabel
The Erotic Confessor
“Erotic redemption and perverted punishment for the decadent penitent.”

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