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Will Mistress Victoria Deny you?

Admit this little fact for me wankerboy, when you see a sexual goddess the first and only thing you can think of is touching your penis, right? I am almost one hundred percent certain that the next thought to run through that scrambled brain is how badly you want to show it to me. . . . → Read More: Will Mistress Victoria Deny you?

Ode To A Penis

The Bard of Avon asked the question, what is in a name. He answers his own question by saying… That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet. 

But for some of us, what we call something is VERY important. Words carefully chosen can evoke memories, emotions and can . . . → Read More: Ode To A Penis

Isabel’s Dinner Time Tease

It’s a small gathering of friends and family. Very respectable, nothing risqué at all, except that at 19 and the youngest one there I am not that interested. I am thinking about the party I will be going to later and I am just biding my time and being polite. Then I notice my . . . → Read More: Isabel’s Dinner Time Tease