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May i cum Mistress Delia?

As you already know, I love to hear you beg while you stroke.  What you may not know is how turned on I get from the power of controlling your orgasms! It absolutely makes me wet to think of you stroking for me, stroking My cock, and following every single instruction I give you. By the time our long teasing calls are done, whether or not I have allowed a release, I am still dripping wet, and likely have let you hear me cum maybe once or twice or more over the course of our chat. I love thinking about My cock pulsing in your hands being totally guided by me. You know I even have a stroker club on my blog because I love to think of men stroking for me all the time! After you are done with My assignment here, go to my blog and sign up for my stroker club! You’ll get assignments generally matched with an audio to stroke to. Mmmm. Then I will be hot and wet knowing you are stroking just as I instructed. I am all about either intense orgasms or leaving you hard and dripping. Makes you wonder what mood I am in today as I write this doesn’t it?
Will I let you cum?
Let’s find out.
Here is what you need to do:
 Get some lube, and get ready to stroke. My goal today is to teach you how to get close to cumming, and to make you repeat that over and over again.  How many times will you edge? That’s the fun part. You know how I like my games, and today is no different.

Grab a coin or something else with 2 sides you can flip.
Flipping heads means you will edge for 15 minutes
Flipping tails means you will edge for 30 minutes.
I will allow you 2 flips. This means you will be edging for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60. I do hope you roll 60 minutes! Makes you want to cum, doesn’t it?
Cumming is completely is out of your control, and so is my answer you’ll get when you ask the question, may I cum? Say it as you click.

For sexy guided masturbation and tease and denial phone session with Empress Delia, call 800-601-6975

3 comments to May i cum Mistress Delia?

  • Devon

    That was so damn hot, Mistress Delia! Thank You for your answer. I’m going to check your blog now. 🙂

  • sissy brad

    flipped the coin and got two tails – that was an hour – too long for me. i failed and need to be punished for stroking too early. what shall my punishment be?

  • Justin

    Did this did not cum great idea Mistress

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