Masturbation Instruction with Mistress Delia

Press The Button Stoker!

So, stroker, are you going to press the button for Mistress Delia?  Are you going to roll the dice and see what kind of mood I’m in tonight? Am I in a charitable mood, happy to let you cum?  Or am I in my uber-bitch mood, where I don’t care if your balls turn as blue as the Rockies on that famous beer can, with all that pent up cum locked inside and going nowhere?  You want to ask it, don’t you?  You want to know – May i Cum? Maybe if you beg right now,  just before you press the button, maybe that will bring you good luck…or not.

You have been having so much fun stroking and playing with that cock.  And I know that you’ve been doing all of that while you’ve been reading my hot, sexy posts.  That makes me very happy – maybe happy enough to relent and let you spurt your spunk out of that throbbing cock.

Then again, it makes me even hotter, even wetter to know just how you are denying yourself for me – stroking that cock and playing with those balls, hour after hour, hoping that I’ll relent and tell you that you can cum for me.  But you have no idea how hard I cum as I play with myself and think about you NOT cumming.

So?  Should I allow you to cum?  What will you do for me if I do?  Will you promise me anything?  Press the button.  Find out – May I Cum?

For a sexy, teasing phonesex call with Mistress Delia, call 800-601-6975

~ Ms. Delia
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Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card


6 comments to Masturbation Instruction with Mistress Delia

  • Hank

    Looks like you got me stroker workouts for tonight! Thanks for keeping my balls full and my silly dick hard and wanting.

  • stroker boy

    “…Won’t She? Won’t She? Well…She won’t.”

    That was sooo evil :( …but this is the art of teasing and denial :)

    Now i go and make some ice :( …i am your stupid stroker slave, Mistress.
    Thank You for teasing me…and for denying me: thank You, thank You, thank You!!!! :(

    “May i cum?” – of course not :D Because i am Your fucking stupid, inferior stroker slaveboy…without cumming for six days (it’s crazy!!)

    Now i make that ice.

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