You need to feel the full 
burn of arousal tonight, darling. You need to throb, to pulse, then 
to beg, to plead for sweet release and I know the perfect tool to 
keep you on the edge and aching. Go to the grocery and get you a big 
hand of ginger. It’s in the veggie section, easy to find. Don’t get 
pre-cut pieces… no. You need a fat finger for what I have in mind. 
Take it home and cut off the largest finger and leave a large piece 
of the base intact. Soak it some cold water for about 15 minutes, 
then take the back of a spoon and peel off the skin. It should come 
off very easily with just a bit of pressure.

You’ll be carving this in 
the shape of a curvy butt-plug. Use the natural shape of the finger to 
guide you. Leave the base intact so it won’t slide too deeply inside, 
but somewhere near the base, cut in a bit to give your tight little 
hole something to clamp down on. Have your ginger plug all ready now? 
Then let’s play!

Get naked, but don’t use any 
lube. It detracts from the burn and trust me… you want to feel 
this… even if you aren’t a masochist. Slide it up inside you to the 
indentation you cut and lie back. I want you to clench your anal ring 
for thirty seconds. Don’t unclench, even when you feel it tingling. 
Ride it out… and then at the end of the thirty seconds, you can 
stroke very slowly for 3 minutes. You’ll notice if you go near the 
edge, you’ll want to clench your cheeks… and when you do, you’ll 
feel the burn kick in over and over again. I want you to continue 
this gently vicious cycle for at least an hour before you get my 
verdict on your orgasm. Will I let you slide out your intruder and 
stroke to completion? Or will I leave you hanging in that arousing 
zone between absolute pleasure and pain?

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Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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