Hi there silly cock strokers.

It seems that you are constantly begging for some sort of release. You want
someone to feel sorry enough for you and your tiny cocks and you want
someone to allow you the privilege of cumming all over yourself.

Why would I allow you to cum? Would you have a reasonable excuse? My guess is… probably not. You are not worthy of cumming in my presence.

How hard does it get? And I mean that quite literally…how hard does your
cock get when you think of me, Ivy, that kinky co-ed college girl that knows
how to get you up…and definitely knows how to get you off.

You all know Mardi gras just passed…maybe I should revoke your cumming
rights for the next 40 days. LOL. For the next 40 days I will tease you,
tempt you, test you, edge you…then deny you.

So with your little 40 day challenge that I just set up for you (for those
that aren’t to pussy to try it) I have a special technique for you.

You will need lube….lube is always better anyway right? (you know you love
that warm, moist pussy-like feeling)

You may need some practice to get this one right. But it will feel so damn
good! 😉

*Two for One Method*

While using your main cock stroking hand, use the thumb and forefinger and
slide it along the back side of your cock, all the way down to the back and
underside of your balls. Your other hand, you want to use to grab a hold of
your ball sack and deeply massage them and hold on to them, pulling down a
bit. Try to keep the thumb and forefinger against the body the whole time
and allow them to reach down as far as they will go so that you can feel
them between your body (thighs) and balls.

Warning: when done correctly, this method has been known to cause premature
ejaculation (even worse than regular stroking for some of you! LOL)

But hey, If you need any help, I’d love to watch you on cam. Just give me,
Ivy a call and be sure to check out my other masturbation techniques at my
blog at www.masturbationfascination.com

Until Next time cock strokers,

~*~ Empress Ivy~*~

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