I want to take you to the max! I want you to start with the following audio and see if you can make it. Stroke yourself so good before you listen and
then if you have made it give me a call and we can finish.

Imagine catching a quick glimpse of me as I bath by the pool. You see my teeny tiny polka dot bikini, large open lounge chair and deep red towel. I
start to rub lotion all over my body, rubbing it into my skin so good. You are peeking out at me from the shadows.

There you are, stroking yourself just out of sight. You start to undress me with your eyes, imagining what my nipples would feel like in your mouth.

What you don’t realize is I know exactly what you are doing. Eventually we lock eyes and I instruct you to come over to me. The pool is secluded enough so I strip for you. I start to tease my tits and play with myself… you standing just a few inches away.

Your cock is pounding and you know that I want to be naughty for hours. The question lingers in your mind…and then on your lips, “may I cum?”

I know you want to sweetie but I have so much more in store for you. Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call… I will let you know what all I want to do to

For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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