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Masturbation Instruction with Empress Holly

I’m glad to see that you have brought my cock here to play. It is my cock…you know that don’t you? I decide when that cock is touched, for how long and at what intensity. I want to play a little game today. The only rule is you cannot cum until I say the word “zero” – ready to play? Good!

Pull down your pants and pull out my cock. I want you to stand there as I inspect you. My fingers are trailing up and down your body. Just my simple touch is making you twitch. You can touch, but you cannot cum.

I’ve got myself all dressed up for tonight. I stand before you in a black garter belt, deep red Stiletto’s, fishnet stockings, frilly panties and a matching red teddy.

You can touch now. Holding that cock firmly in your hand, your thumb should rest on top like a golf grip. Work it from base to tip as I get more comfortable…

I am leaning back on the coffee table, my feet planted at the corners as I start to lay back… I begin to touch myself, my fingers trailing down toward my panties.

Do you see? My panties have a little slit in them. As my fingers start to move down by my clit you can see the very pink of my cunt. Now is the time for your masturbation lesson. I am going to place a plate directly in front of my pussy. You can stroke your cock between my legs but you cannot spill a single drop of cum on me. It must all land on the plate.

Are you ready for the countdown? Once I say the special word you can fill that plate – and only that plate. Are you ready? Don’t forget to ask the question…

4 comments to Masturbation Instruction with Empress Holly

  • slaveboy

    That was EVIL!

    But I ought to have had more sense – this task looked too simple 🙂
    “Zero”, eh? When I’m on the edge, your laugh was quite destructing…this “trap” was soo CLEVER 🙂 You have to be a really cunning girl…and okay, of course I can admit that girls are cleverer than boys on average 🙂 Okay, so the male brain doesn’t really functioning when it’s aroused 🙂 – and it could be easily reprogrammable…and you know this, because all you do is teasing and denying: in truth this is a training of the proud manhood – into stupid pet-slaves 🙁

    But this is our destiny – and the “sad” thing is that WE allow you to enslave us…because you are enough SMART (therefore confident, powerful etc.) to dominate us – in fact, you are much smarter than an average boy, I believe.

    You symbolize the ideal woman of the future for me – the equalizing possibilities are making the biggest gender change in the history: it slowly revealing that the man are the weaker sex 🙂 So the 21th century will be the “female age” 🙂 …and the fall of manhood 🙁

    I can only hope that this female dominance will appear in the bedrooms too in the future 🙂 The male society has a HUGE need for control to make them accept their new role in a new, female-ruled system. This would be easy – the sexual domination is an effective method of reprogramming – for example I am a proud person, but slowly I feeling myself more and more inferior mentally, physically, sexually. Empress Holly is a great trainer for me to accept my new role: to be a stupid pet-slave of any SMART DOMINANT WOMAN who wants to control me – to be a part of the new weaker sex, a boy who can’t cum and need permission to do that 🙁

    Thank you, Empress Holly – it was soo frustrating, but it works: my cock likes female domination, and it says: “I accept girl power, but please let me cum” 🙁

    Thank you for denying me – I will have a sleepless night 🙁

    P.S.: Girl Power, of course 🙂 the only way for us 🙂 …I have a female boss in my workplace 🙂 I like her 🙂 I like you too 🙂 I love you all – all women are goddesses! 🙂 Thank you, again!!! 🙂

  • Steve

    Thank You Empress Holly for being cruel to my dick. 😉

  • ahhh!!! please let me cum

  • UKstrokerboy

    That was sooo mean..

    i need to cum..

    its jumping around and needs release

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