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Masturbation with Mistress Sarah

Hello stroker boys this is your Mistress Sarah and I will be giving you your guided masturbation assignment today.  This assignment will definitely take you to a whole new level of understanding what tease and denial means.

Today for your assignment I want you to do some shopping.  I want you to get a . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Mistress Sarah

Masturbation with Miss Vivian

V Is For Vivian

Well hello my lil chicken chokers! For several weeks I have been receiving e-mails and IMs requesting I fashion a new May I Cum post for you boys to stroke by. Now how was I to know how much ya’ll were enjoying them, if you don’t take a moment to . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Miss Vivian

Masturbation with Princess Heather

Have you been a good stroker boy, following all of our cock stroking instructions to the letter on here, and even denying yourself an orgasm if our voice instructions say that you can’t cum? If so, then you really HAVE been a good boy!  But if not, then you’re a no-good loser, a cheater . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Princess Heather

Masturbation with Empress Olivia

Guided masturbation is more than just following instructions for some zippy new techniques to stroke your cock.  This is actually about surrender.  You surrender to Me.  To my instructions … and when you follow My instructions you relinquish control.  At the bare minimum you give up control of your cock …. At it’s more . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Empress Olivia

Masturbation with Goddess Dallas

OK strokies.  Get naked for me right now.  Lean back in that soft chair.  Play with your nipples.  Stroke them, roll them, pinch them.  Do whatever it takes to make them really hard.  Once they are hard and you’re feeling that tingling in your groin, stroke your body.  Use slow, gentle strokes.  Enjoy the . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Goddess Dallas