Ahhh, this one is for the sissies:  my sweet, slutty, submissive sissies! So you regular stroker boys may want to pass on this exercise, unless, of course, you have a hidden “sissy” agenda, in which case, read on! I know you bad girls get so slutty and naughty when you are alone, don’t you? You crave that feeling of being a naughty, naughty, sissy slut bad girl, whore, isn’t that right? Well this exercise is more mental than physical, but you girls love that. I want you to get prettied up. I want you feeling like a million bucks, whether you can “pass” or not, you do what makes you feel the girliest, the sexiest, the sluttiest, the sissiest. Paint your nails: your toenails AND your fingernails. Paint your lips a slutty come-hither red. Put on your favorite lingerie and maybe even a slutty little outfit. Don’t have any clothes? No problem, just put some of that red lipstick on your nipples and pussy lips. Trés sexy! Wear some jewelry, a pearl necklace, a pair of nice, dangling earrings, something really hot. Don’t forget the slutty fuck-me pumps, if you are a lucky enough slut to have some! Now, get in front of the mirror and check yourself out, aren’t you pretty? Don’t you feel oh-so naughty? GOOD! That’s the plan. Do you have any toys to play with? Excellent. Oh, you don’t? Get creative! There are so many phallic items around your house. I don’t want to hear any excuses as to why you didn’t find something to put in your pussy. There are tapered candles, broom handles, cucumbers, plunger handles, you name it! Now, go get something, right now! Get back in front of the mirror. Suck it, lick it, service it, make love to it with those sweet red lips. Watch yourself as you do. Notice your painted nails and red lips working it up and down. Yummmmmm, don’t you feel like a slutty little thing? Wonderful. Now, I want you to run that make-shift phallus down to your dirty little nipples, tease and torment your nips with the tip of it. That’s it, that’s a good girl, are you good and hot and horny? Are you? Well, then………

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